Weight Loss, Hypnotherapy and Eating for the Right Reasons

Anyone with a weight problem really has a challenge because, unlike other habits like cigarette smoking or gambling, food isn’t something we can give up, because we need to eat in order to live. It takes a great degree of willpower on a daily basis, to stay focused on eating healthily – which has been proven again and again that it’s not easy, and mostly, diets simply don’t work.

Let’s face it, most of us have developed a love affair with food from the moment we discovered our mother’s nipple in our mouths and we were able to suck through the warming milk to fill our tiny tummies as a baby. From then on, food can have many associations with early life. Perhaps when you smell a special aroma from a certain dish being cooked, you are transported back to those early days in mummy’s or grandmother’s kitchen and, if you are lucky, this will bring back good feelings for you of comfort.

When we were very young, we had perfect eating patterns because we were totally connected to our bodies. We simply ate to live. We knew when we were hungry, which wasn’t necessarily at mealtimes, and how many times have you seen children leave the table with food still on their plates because their needs have been satisfied and their focus has now moved on to something else? Studies have shown that, if left alone, children will automatically be drawn to the food that contain the nutrients their bodies need.


Obesity in Adults and Children

So why are there more and more obese children, more obese adults than ever before and why is it that some people can eat well and healthily, and yet others eat too much or too little?

One reason can be because of the nurturing they received as children from their families and simply developed bad eating habits that have never been addressed. Another reason can be that there might have been a time when a person experienced something so uncomfortable, that they didn’t you didn’t know how to deal with it and found that by eating, it blocked the pain of the experience. People who eat too much have moved away from the state of eating to live, and are using food as a coping mechanism to block an ego state which is causing them some kind of emotional discomfort.


Emotional and Compulsive Eating

They have discovered by eating, the brain releases seratonin, their mood changes and suddenly they feel better about themselves. They have managed to escape from their present reality, temporarily recreating the feeling of comfort they had when they were young. Over time the brain grows more towards this coping mechanism, which then becomes a habit, and the addictive eater finds themselves compulsively zoning out and reaching out for food whenever a troubled ego state emerges. These troubled ego states may be experienced as loneliness, boredom, anger, frustration, depression, fear, abandonment.

It may get to a point where we don’t even know when we are hungry any more and may well point to their solar plexus when asked where we feel their hunger pains, rather than our stomach.


Healthy Eating and Hypnotherapy

Once you understand this concept, you will be a better position to acknowledge these feelings, often emanating from childhood. You can then with the guidance of an experienced hypnotherapist, express and release these damned up feelings. With hypnotherapy you can then start to resolve the underlying issues or traumas that you were holding onto. This provides the basis for a new relationship with food. A relationship of health and feeding physical hunger rather than emotional hunger

Through the use of hypnotherapy we can teach our body to recover its initial state, which is perfect for healthy functioning and easy weight control.


Carole Murray, Hypnotherapist, London
Email: hypnotic_solutions@hotmail.com
Website: www.hypnoticresources.co.ukArticle Posted – 10th June 2008. Copyright Carole Murray


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