Chronic Pain and Smoking

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It is widely accepted that smoking will create chemical changes in the body and seriously affect the way it functions physiologically. Not only is a smoker combusting thousands of chemicals and tobacco in the most sensitive part of the body – the mouth, but they are introducing nicotine into the blood stream These chemicals are going to put smokers at a much higher risk of heart disease, cancers, and lung diseases. It has recently been discovered that smoking is a definite risk factor for chronic pain. There is now evidence…

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To Quit Smoking, Don’t Be An Ex-Smoker

Don’t Be An Ex-Smoker! Did you know that if you think of yourself as an ex-smoker that you may be undermining your ability to stay stopped permanently? We all know how powerful perceptions can be. If we view some task or goal as being difficult we will probably find it difficult as we procrastinate about it and put off starting it. However we perceive a task or goal as being achievable we are more likely to make an attempt to do it and to therefore to succeed. The same perception idea…

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