How Hypnotherapy May Help depression

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How hypnotherapy can help you with your depression There are many kinds of therapies that exist that offer different approaches to treating depression. These can range from medication via your GP, psychotherapy, counselling , CBT, psychiatry and hypnotherapy. We are all unique and respond to different intervention therapies in differing ways. Clinical or manic depression is at the end of the depression spectrum that should be treated by your medical professional. Hypnotherapy may be used in conjunction with your doctor’s support and is usually offered for anyone with mild or…

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Stress Management Hypnosis

Stress Management and Modern Living Stress management is vital for today’s faster modern life. With the advent of the internet everyone has become used to easier and quicker access to information, products and services. We have become used to communications happening within seconds via email rather than by mail. The world of the future which was predicted to have more leisure time hasn’t been realised. There is no escape from the pace of life and although most people cope most of the time, occasionally events and experiences can conspire seemingly…

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Blushing, Shyness and Social Fears and Phobia

All can be helped with Hypnotherapy and NLP. Are you finding it difficult to speak in strange social situations without blushing or trembling or going red? · Do you find that despite saying to yourself “it’s all right, I can talk to him/her” you still start stammering, sweating? · Does it feel like your muscles are going to give way when you have to stand and speak in a group or when the focus/attention is on you? · Are you so very worried about how people see you or think…

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