How Effective is Hypnosis for Cancer?

Hypnosis Cancer

Could Hypnosis Help You with Cancer? If you have been diagnosed with cancer you know the difficult reaction to hearing that word, β€œCancer”. Even if you have a very treatable form of cancer, your body will often respond in panic. You are likely to feel an increasing heart-beat as your breathing becomes more rapid. Adrenaline is pumped into your blood stream by your mind’s instant, fight or flight reaction. Of course you may be someone who go into a state of shock when cancer is mentioned and feel numb.  …

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Hypnosis ‘eases cancer operation pain’

The BBC’s website reports that Breast Cancer patients need less anesthetic during operations if they have hypnosis before the operation begins. Dr. Guy Montgomery produced the research which included 200 women who were either given 15 minutes of hypnosis or had a conversation with a pyschologist. Patients who received the hypnosis reporting experiencing less side-effects (pain, nausea, emotional distress) after surgery. UK experts have commented that more research needs to be done. Original source: Related posts:Phobias of Dogs, Cats and Other Animals – Hypnotherapy HelpsStage Fright & Hypnosis News7th…

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