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The Daily Mail published an article today on how a young singer was given a break in the music business by take That’s Gary Barlow. The article describes how usually confident the 21 year old was before she was suddenly thrust into the limelight and got an attack of stage fright.

Stage fright can really be related to any kind of performance anxiety. Those times when we might feel anxious are when we have to do something (eg. sing, dance, talk, play a musical instrument, the wedding/funeral speech) in front of an audience of any size.

Well-known and experienced film, TV and theatre actors who have performed for decades will still relate to those nerves just before they head on stage to perfom their part, give an acceptance speech at an award ceremony or maybe open some fete or event.Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)

No one is immune to stage fright but as this article highlights, stage fright does not have to be permanent and you can overcome and actually reach a time when you enjoy and relish performing.

Fortunately this young singer had an asset. Her mother is an experienced hypnotherapist and knew exactly how to help her overcome her nerves.


The hypnotherapists listed on this website hypnotherapy directory can help you too with your performance anxiety or public speaking nerves. Use the county listing on the right-hand side to find an experienced hypnotherapist near you.

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