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hypnosis somersetNiki Cassar
TEL: 01963 371695 or 07973 346 747

Niki Cassar is a highly-trained Hypnotherapist and Past Life Regressionist, who re-located her practice from Harley Street and Surrey in 2012 to the peace and quiet of rural Somerset.

She now combines Dolores Cannon’s Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (QHHT) with Cal Banyan’s 5-Path® Hypnotherapy and offers extended sessions of 3 hours. Clients are regularly choosing to travel to see her from many parts of the UK and overseas, often combining their sessions with a stay in one of the many attractive pubs in the area which offer beautiful freshly-cooked local food.

All issues can be addressed, and the initial phone chat and assessment is free.

THERAPIES: : Hypnotherapy. Psychotherapy. Past Life Regression. Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (QHHT)  SPECIALISATIONS: Depression, Panic Attacks, Phobias, IBS, Past Life Regression.




Hypnosis Update – Hypnosis Update – Hypnosis Update

Hypnosis Helps Anxiety and Panic Attacks – Chris Hughes a contestant on the TV programme “Love Island” has revealed he used hypnosis to overcome his debilitating stress and anxiety. According to an article in  The Sun Chris says his hypnosis sessions it were the best time and money he had spent.

Childbirth Pain Eased by Self Hypnosis – According to an article in the Lexington Herald mother to be, JoAnne Burris, practised self hypnosis for 6 weeks. She says “I felt no pain. I just felt nothing but power.”

Did you know?

Hypnotherapy has been used in many forms for hundreds of years. Freud used it initially with his patients. During the first and second world wars it was used to help soldiers with “shell shock” or what we call today, PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).

The BMA (British Medical Association) recognised its effective in the 1960’s as did the AMA (American Medical Association). Trials have been conducted by the NHs on helping pregnant mothers using self hypnosis. Professor Whorwell has used hypnosis for many years to help ghis IBS patients gain more control over this condition. Dentists have used hypnosis for patients who have needle phobias.

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