Smoking and In Vitro Fertilisation

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Smoking, In Vitro Fertilisation and Hypnosis

pregnantwomanandman01I had a request from someone asking for help with her IVF treatment. She explained to me that for her to get free treatment from the NHS she would have to be clear of smoking for six months. She was therefore desperate to give up with hypnotherapy.

Now, that sounded like a major motivation to me, and something that I could use in my therapy. The fact that she would be charged £4000 for the treatment, if any sign of smoking during the previous six months was detected, was a useful tool. But, as no one had mentioned this before, I thought I would look into the science behind it.

Research in Holland, back in 2005, at the Ruband University Nijmegn Medical Centre, had found that the chances of conceiving through IVF decreased by 28% in women smokers. Reasons stated – smokers had blockages in their fallopian tubes, preventing proper ovulation; there was detected damage to eggs as they developed in the ovaries – in quality and quantity ; and there was an increased risk of miscarriage.

As far as I understand it, IVF depends on superovulation – as success is only one in three attempts – so one would want to maximise ovulation.

But it is not only women whose fertility is in danger, as male smokers have problems too. Smoking can lead to lower sperm count, and sperm motility problems – difficulty in reaching the eggs. Smoking can even lead to erectile dysfunction.

This has opened up a whole new emphasis on the power of hypnotherapy to me. As I have now  helped somebody with IVF treatment I can now say that Effective Hypnosis can help with having a baby.


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