Quitting Smoking – Hypnotherapy Helps

The number one asset that anyone must have if they want to succeed at anything, is their decision to commit to doing something. This is certainly true of stopping smoking permanently.


Why People Fail to Quit Smoking

Attempting to stop smoking for the wrong reason(s) is virtually always doomed to fail. One of the wrong reasons might be convenience. What I mean by this is that you may decide to stop, not because you are necessarily ready or committed to stopping, it is just that a convenient situation as occurred for you. Let me explain…

A friend or partner, husband or wife who is a smoker, makes the suggestion to you that it would be a great idea to stop together. On the face of it this seems to be a good idea because you can support each other in remaining stopped and there is this nice feeling of doing something together. You might call this a sense of camaraderie or team spirit.

Unfortunately, in reality although both participants know they ought to stop smoking at some point in time, on this occasion it usually means that one person is really ready to stop but the other is going along with it because it is convenient. They have got caught up in this being a good idea without giving it too much thought.


Make Up Your Mind To Stop Smoking

Then what happens is that the person who hasn’t really made up their mind to stop, will at some point try to persuade or cajole the other into just having that one. If they succeed in persuading the other to have one, they will both fail. It is a kind of collusion to smoke, just as those of us who colluded to smoke for the very first time when we were young. In fact we did it because our peers did it and we wanted to be part of that crowd… and accepted. Here is an example of the same influences happening again.

That is why it is vital to stop smoking for your own good reasons and not to do it out of convenience. The convenience aspect will often come into the equation when someone decides to stop smoking with the help of a hypnotherapist. Let us say the wife has decided to do this. But the wife, although motivated to stop smoking now, will not have had hypnotherapy before and may have some anxiety about it. A way of overcoming that anxiety is to encourage the husband to quit with the aid of hypnosis too. Here again one person is persuading another to quit without them really coming to the right decision under their own steam.


Quit Smoking With Hypnotherapy

Any hypnotherapist who naturally wants his or her clients to succeed will need to ensure that both husband and wife (or friends or colleagues) really do want to stop and have made up their minds that they want to do it right now. This being the case, then doing it together can be a real asset as the sense of doing it with others can strengthen their resolve to stick to their decision.

I certainly emphasise to people who come along in pairs for quit smoking hypnosis sessions, whether mates, husband and wife, or partners, that they should be there for each other to keep to their decision to quit smoking for good and not to collude together to smoke.


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Article Posted – 2nd May 2007. Copyright Steven A. Harold

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