Public Speaking Confidence – 10 Tips

Public speaking with confidence is a feeling and a way being that everyone would like to enjoy. Yet public speaking is considered to be the most popular phobia in any country.  That dreaded event of speaking in front of others might be giving that best man’s speech at a wedding, telling a joke at a social event,  providing some training to others, or just contributing to a meeting at work. All of these occasions and many others can make some people feel anxious and uncomfortable. Yet, there are those who will be relaxed and confident doing the exact same thing. The good news is trhat if some people can speak with confidence and be comfortable in the spotlight than it should be possible for anyone to feel this way including you.

The followings tips are useful for any type of public speaking and boost your confidence:-

1) Know your topic

Whatever topic or theme you intend talking about, it’s vital to know what you want to communicate to your audience. If you know that you have various facts, data  and arguments to convince and inform your audience it will help boost your confidence.

2) Rehearse, rehearse, and then rehearse again

The well known saying is “practice makes perfect”. Even the most famous comedians rehearse their jokes until they have honed their delivery and timing. Rehearse your talk speech or even your planned comments at a work meeting. When you practice speak out loud so that become accustomed to hearing your voice say the phrases and words you will be using.

3) Slow down

We have a tendency to speak faster when we are nervous. Slow your speech down and take your time. Apart from anything else, speaking quickly will make you feel uncomfortable and your audience will find it difficult to absorb the information you are giving if you rattle through it.

4) Look for smiling faces

Friendly and smiling faces in your audience help you to feel more relaxed. Looking at these faces helps you to feel safer and respected. 

Public Speaking Confidence
Public Speaking Confidence

5) Have water readily available  

Just incase your mouth dries up, have some water available.  Anyone who speaks will experience a drying of the mouth and throat as talking forces air through the mouth. Also, pausing to drink water helps set a nice relaxed pace.

6) Orange juice aids relaxation

Some studies conducted recently have suggested that drinking some orange juice before you start your speech helps to keep your body relaxed.

7) Reading doesn’t necessarily help

Reading from a prepared transcript may seem to be a useful way of preventing memory loss. Most best men read their speech and there are other occasions where writing your speech and reading may be appropriate. For meetings, trainings, workshops and other events, reading a speech or talk takes some of the energy out of your delivery and make your speech seem boring. Do have bullet points which enable you to use your natural style of speaking by expanding on each bullet point. You will feel in control and make it more interesting for your audience

8) Equipment checking

If you are going to use an overhead projector or presentation software or an overhead projector, make sure you are familiar with their operation. Rehearse in the room and with the equipment you will be using on the day.

9) Audience support

Remember that your audience will want you to succeed. If you look uncomfortable or unrehearsed, they will start to feel your discomfort. They want you to succeed too.

10) Relaxation techniques

Learn a relaxation technique such as self hypnosis. Regular use of self hypnosis helps you feel clamer and it utilises the power of your imagination.


Confident Public Speaking

Whether you are giving a short speech at a wedding or funeral, making an acceptance speech at an award ceremony, leading a work meeting, making a presentation to the board or work colleagues or just socialising with friends and family, you can feel more confident and calmer when it is your turn to speak.

Incorporating these public speaking tips can provide a boost to your confidence and bring about a more relaxed feeling during your speech. Speaking with confidence is a skill that can be learnt and improved upon like any other skill. Are you ready to speak with confidence in public?

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