Help for Procrastination – Achieve Your New Year Goals

Procrastination Help – Achieve Your Goals

I guess it can happen to all of us at some point in our lives. We can all procrastinate over tasks we know we should do, goals we ought to accomplish and dreams we want to realise. Yet sometimes or maybe even regularly you find yourself getting no further this year than you were at last year.

If you have experienced that nagging feeling that nothing seems to change and no matter how much you convince yourself you find your progress never gets going you may be suffering from procrastination.


Procrastination at Work

Do you find yourself getting in late to work because your motivation is missing. Maybe you waste time at work doing non-essential tasks and avoid getting going with your priority tasks. Unfortunately the more your delay starting that new project or priority task, the more pressure you can feel under and the more likely you are to procrastinate and avoid it. Some people even leave their jobs to avoid having to start or complete a project that they have procrastinated over.

You may even hate your job but the security of it keeps you trapped. The fear what a new job might involve may stop you getting a role that suits you better. All the time you wait, your self esteem is being eroded and your ability to procrastinate increases.


Procrastination at Home

Are the jobs piling up around you? Does your home need decorating, or some door wants fixing or that leaky pipe needs to be solved? Sometimes even calling in a tradesman to fix a domestic problem can lead to procrastination and instead of it being a simple job, no fixing it in time makes it a more expensive repair. You may have outstanding bills that you have not settled or other legal or challenging matters that need you attention but you have yet to tackle.

Your home should be a place where you can unwind and relax, yet you may find that your home is no longer that safe and secure haven. The unstarted or unfinished jobs around your home just add to a sense of drift as the years go by and nothing changes.


Procrastination in Your Personal Life

Do you stay in your relationship because it provides safety or you don’t want to be alone? Has your relationship lost its spark and you and your partner have settled into a safe and yet boring rut? This can happen in any relationship and it doesn’t mean that you have to end it. The best relationship for you may be the one that you are in right now. Unless you are present in the relationship and appreciate it, you may feel unhappy, lost or just trapped. Procrastination can rear its head here too.


Procrastination can affect any and sometimes many areas of our lives. Yet you don’t have to keep putting up with a life of malaise. If you envy others success, it means you recognise things can different and you can change too. Procrastination is often just a state of mind that anyone can fall victim too.

Maybe you have tried and (seemingly) failed to change before. Maybe you have convinced yourself that whatever you do, nothing will change for you. There is an awful expression that is used at times by people that keeps them trapped in an unhappy existence. Have you heard the saying “I should accept my lot”?  If you have used it yourself, stop it now. It doesn’t help you in the slightest.


Ending Procrastination

So how do you overcome procrastination?  Initially, one step at a time. Don’t put pressure on yourself by aiming for too many goals. This approach can overwhelm you. Keep it simple to start with and aim for tasks, goals, achievements that are easy for you. Getting back some sense of success, no matter how small will encourage you.

See yourself differently and stop using negative labels. If you view yourself succeeding and doing those tasks and jobs you are much more likely to succeed (research has proven this). If you call yourself lazy, useless or other negative names, it will undermine your ability to change.

So change your imagined view of yourself and change your labels.

As a London Hypnotherapist one of the most popular issues I help people with is procrastination. Whether you are employed and are an executive, CEO or clerk, a sports person heading for the Olympics or want to improve your game, maybe you are self-employed or want to start your own business. I have helped people in all these areas and many others.

On the home front I have helped people to find new life in their existing relationship as well as getting to grips with domestic tasks.

Sometimes an individual has had a past experience that has led to a loss of motivation and procrastination and in hypnotherapy it can be effective to revisit an event and change how you perceive it today.

Procrastination is not something you were born with, it is something that you have learnt and that has become or can become a habit. This is good news because as human beings we are very adaptable and change habits all the time. Hypnotherapy can support your decision and rather than feeling a victim of it, take control of your life and make a difference to your procrastination.

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Steven Harold BA(Hons) DCH DHP
Clinical Hypnotherapist – London and Essex



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