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A common phobia because of our probable daily contact with them is a learnt fears of dogs, cats and other animals. Since the end of the second world war ownership of domestic enables has increased dramatically.

When does the fear of  dogs or other animals begin?

dog phobia hypnosisCommonly the fear or experience that led to the fear begins in childhood. The fear usually happens following some event with an animal which is misinterpreted by the child. This can even happen through watching a TV programme that involved a scene with an animal. Unfortunately, the fear can also be caused by an obvious traumatic encounter with an animal such as being growled at or bitten.

When should someone seek help with a fear?
The sooner the better really. As they say ” a stitch in time saves nine”. If managed quickly, the fear can be safely released. Sadly this is not always possible. A parent, may mistakenly believe that they help their child’s fear,  by going to great lengths to avoid future encounters with animals. Unfortunately, this understandable tactic does not alleviate the fear and may even increase it.

What are the long-term results
Whilst avoidance of animals allows the child lead comfortable existence, the suppression of the fear can lead to problems in later life. As the child grows up, the fear will often re-surface, even later on in adult years. It will be impossible to predict that there will never be animal-free experiences forever. An unexpected encounter with the type of animal they have spent years avoiding, can lead to another traumatic reinforcement of the fear.

Children are usually able to admit to fears whereas adults learn to hide theirs. The notion of exposing their fear by seeking help may be challenging for some people. Yet if the fear isn’t dealt with, it can lead to increased levels of anxiety and even panic attacks.

In my hypnotherapy practice, I have helped many people of different ages, children to retirees, who dreaded contact with birds, dogs, cats, mice, guinea pigs, rats, rabbits, bats, even goldfish  and, perhaps more commonly, snakes and spiders.

How can the fear be resolved?
In my experience, it’s always vital to find the initial cause of the fear and to work on that. Hypnosis gives us access to the amazing subconscious mind, which is also our permanent memory and stores everything that happens in our life.

I’ve listened as clients were able to recall, and then transform, the event that became the seed of their fear. This might have been something as small as a baby in a pushchair or pram being scared by what seemed to be a huge dog sticking its head in or barking. Or it could be seeing a pair of cat’s eyes glowing yellow in the dark. Occasionally becoming aware of mother’s or father’s own fear of animals, can transmit a similar fear to the child. Other times, it might have been finding a dead spider inside a folded deckchair, or – more unfortunately – being badly-bitten or snarled or hissed at by an animal. In a small child, who is still learning about the world and how to survive in it, this will certainly also cause a fear of dying.

How long does it take to lose the fear or phobia?
Whether the fear of animals – any animal – is a childhood or an adult fear, it’s important to know that it can be resolved, and generally very quickly. Even London Zoo has it’s own phobia programme for helping anyone with phobias or fears especially of spiders.

If the child’s fear is addressed as soon as possible after the scary experience, it can usually be resolved in two hypnotherapy sessions. With adults, because of the years that have gone by and possible other compounding fearful experiences, although it might take a little longer, you can expect the same successful resolution.

Dogs and other Animal and Phobia help with Hypnotherapy

If you have a long-standing or new phobia, or anyone you know, have an unhealthy fear of cats, dogs, birds or other animal, I am happy to help you. Indeed any experienced hypnotherapist should be able to help you release your fear or phobia.
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