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Hypnotherapists Oxfordshire
Sue Turner Hypnosis,            Henley Oxford

Sue Turner
TEL: 01491 599747 or 07702 939020
EMAIL: Candelahypnosis@aol.com
WEB: www.candela-hypnosis.co.uk www.paincontrolhypnotherapy.co.uk/

Sue is an experienced hypnotherapist trained in Clinical and Motivational Hypnosis.

She has dealt with many challenges in her own life so has a good understanding of what life can throw at you. She takes a holistic view working with clients to help them find their strengths.  Her therapy is calming, client focussed, goal orientated and empowering.

In Henley on Thames, Sue works from her own central stylish clinic.

This year Sue has been working with women and couples with infertility issues.  She has written a programme of treatment to help clients overcome ‘unexplained infertility ‘ or get through the IVF process in a relaxed and confident way.

THERAPIES: Hypnotherapy, CBT, Gestalt and NLP. Coaching, Counselling,Business Coaching, EFT.
SPECIALISATIONS: Addictions, Anxiety and Depression, Fears, Phobias, Insomnia, Pain Control, IBS, and other Stress Related Illnesses. Plus Children’s Issues. Infertility



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