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Online Hypnotherapy Sessions

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) is limiting what we can do and where we can go but it doesn’t have to stop you receiving Hypnotherapy, NLP or Psychotherapy sessions from a hypnotherapist. Whether you are self-isolating in London, Nottingham, Derby, Brighton, Hebden Bridge or any city, town, village in the UK or in the world, you can have hypnotherapy sessions online.

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Coronavirus Online Hypnotherapy Sessions

Even before the Coronavirus outbreak, I have provided hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, EFT and NLP sessions to my clients online. Sometimes we use Skype or Zoom and sometimes we use Facetime. These online hypnotherapy sessions are comparable to in-person sessions. They are effective because of the video element. Whereas audio sessions can be supportive, they may not be as effective as video sessions would be.

Video sessions allow hypnotherapists to observe and incorporate facial expressions into their therapy sessions.

If you have a current need for hypnotherapy, psychotherapy or NLP don’t let the Coronavirus (COVID-19) stop you getting the help and support you need. Even if you have been diagnosed with the Coronavirus these online therapy sessions are available.

In fact as a result of the Coronavirus and governments directives, you may be in need of hypnotherapy to help with anxiety, stress, worry and tension. Self-isolation at home can lead to an increase in mental strain, affect your mood, exacerbate depression and loneliness and put a strain on your relationships.

If ever there was a time to maintain healthy mental well-being this is it. You need to keep strong and resilient by being active at home and trying to have some sort of structure to your day. With my clients I am helping them to make the most of the current situation and not to let the Coronavirus adversely affect them even though they may not have contracted it.

When we feel low or depression that brings with it anxiety and stress it is often because we are focussing internally too much. You may be doing this too. If you spend too much time with your internal dialogue it can have a detrimental affect on your psychological well-being. It can impact your mental health including your mood, motivation and sense of purpose.

Alternatively, if you think about others and helping them you can experience relief from your low mood. Reigniting your humanity and showing kindness has a boomerang effect. The more you give, the more you tend to receive. In other words, you will feel better for helping others, even if that help is a simple text or email asking if they are okay and if you can help.

During this time of uncertainty, hypnotherapy, psychotherapy EFT and NLP can be even more important to access. Fortunately having the internet means you can access online therapy sessions from the comfort of your home.

So whether you have the Coronavirus or not, but are stuck at home and need support, contact any of the hypnotherapists in this directory to organise your therapy sessions.


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