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———————————- Bramcote —————————————-
103 Derby Rd, Bramcote, Nottingham NG9 3GZ

Nicola Dexter
TEL:    07711 462923

I am an experienced Stress Management Consultant and Hypnotherapist. My mission is to help people just like you to love their lives. I can help you resolve issues and treat problems which have been holding you back, work with you to create goals for your future and support you so you can achieve them.

How do I do this? By using hypnotherapy and other cutting-edge therapeutic techniques with passion, enthusiasm and confidence. The result is many happy clients around the world who have the lives they want and deserve. Would you like to join them?

THERAPIES: Hypnotherapy, EFT, NLP, Time Line Therapy
SPECIALISATIONS: smoking, stress, anger, panic/anxiety, relationship issues, hypnosis of children, confidence, hair pulling, nail biting




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