Natural Chronic Pain Relief

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Natural Chronic Pain Relief

Can You Be free of Old Pain?

Natural Chronic Pain ReliefInterested in Natural Chronic Pain Relief? Physical pain is important to our survivial. It tells us we are hurt or injured and that you need to do something to repair this. Interestingly, pain disappears long before the hurt or injury is fully healed. The brain seems to know that once you are on the way to being healed, you don’t need to have a pain signal anymore. This short-term experience is referred to as acute pain.

Chronic pain is when the pain continues seemingly long after treatment for the injury has been applied. The porpose of pain is useful in the initial stages of needing help, but once that help in the form of medical treatment and sometimes medication, then is there any real need for pain?

Natural Chronic Pain Relief could be the answer to stubborn and persistent pain that just won’t go away. When all the options for pain relief or pain reduction have been used up, the patient can be left to their own devices. Have you been told by your medical practitioner that “there’s nothing more we can do for your pain” or “you just have to learn to live with your pain”. If you have, those words must have been devasting and may even have led to depression.

Some surgical procedures, aimed at improving a person’s condition, can actually lead to chronic pain.

How long have you been suffering from your pain I wonder?

Typical ailments that give you pain are :-

  • FMS – Fibromyalgia
  • ME – CFS – Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Backache
  • Sports injury
  • Phamtom Limb Syndrome
  • Sciatica
  • Cancer

These conditions can leave you with a lot of pain that no one is able to offer a solution to.



This is a process that uses the power of the mind. Remember that sometimes we experience an injury and don’t notice any pain until much later. The wounded soldier who has lost a leg may now know that this has happened immediately and in doing so, feels no pain. Yet, when he looks down and sees his leg is missing, he will start to get pain. The other extreme is when we cut ourselves accidentily, but don’t realise this until we see some blood. Once we see the blood we then get the sensation of pain.

So it is not a acceptable rule that pain has to continue long after a wound or injury has been treated. Natural Chronic Pain Relief is available to help you.

OldPain2Go is aimed at Natural Chronic Pain Relief. As the name suggests, is about helping you to let go of old pain. New pain is important to keep until the treatment has commenced. Old pain no longer serves a purpose.

I recently had the pleasure of working with a man in his 70’s. He had suffered back pain for over 28 years. Within one session of OldPain2Go he was pain free.


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