Low Self Esteem Boost with Hypnotherapy

Self Esteem and Self Worth

Self esteem or self worth can be understood as the extent to which we appreciate and respect ourselves. It is how we judge ourselves within society, what we feel we are worth and just how we measure ourselves against others. We judge whether we are as good as others, as clever as others and assess ourselves in a positive or a negative way. It is our personal evaluation, dependent on which our subconscious mind sets boundaries. We operate within those boundaries, which we have created for ourselves. We establish a critical inner voice that reminds us of our perceived limitations and influences our current behaviour. If our limitations are low, we develop a bottom line such as “I am not good enough” “not clever enough” which reminds us of our boundaries. As the inner voice develops early on in our lives, we come to accept what it tells us. If our esteem is low, we may feel that we are not good enough to do something and we justify this to ourselves and set out to prove to others and ourselves that this is so, perhaps a bit of self-sabotage. It is our subconscious mind keeping us safe and preventing us from taking risks, reminding us of our perceived limitations.

Low Self Esteem

low self esteem help Low self-esteem does not suddenly happen. Although it is generally established early in life and heavily influenced by the way other people treat us, our esteem can become knocked by criticism or failure as we progress through life. It may be that there was scant support during childhood or maybe schooldays were not happy days for you – leading you to doubt your abilities. It may be that relationship difficulties will reinforce a low self-image.

Poor self-image and low self-esteem can affect you in different ways. Of course, we can be supremely confident in one area, perhaps intellectually, but find it difficult to socialise or relate to others. You may feel better staying in the background (in both situations). It can hold you back from achieving within your sphere of work; you may feel that other people are far more capable than you, far more qualified. We may manage perfectly well in life taking a supportive role to others; helping others to feel good and then gradually wonder why other people can do things we would love to do. The negative inner voice reminds us to remain within our boundaries and we lack confidence to do those things we want to do.

Self Esteem and Self Confidence

So our self-esteem plays a big part in our self-confidence. Whilst self-esteem is your considered assessment of yourself, self-confidence is your belief in what you can achieve, what goals you can aspire to. Those with high self-esteem have a respect for themselves and an acceptance of who they are and have confidence in their abilities. They do not carry within them the fear of failure. If they should fail, they bounce back, they hold within themselves the inner resources to cope with setbacks.

So if you recognise that you have low self esteem maybe it is time for you to stop comparing yourself unfavourably with others, and time to make those changes, which will enable you to become more confident and self-assured achat cialis france. Recognise that the evaluation of your self worth was made from a child’s viewpoint and that it is time to update that assessment of yourself and your abilities. Once you recognise the degree to which feelings of self worth are restricting your life you can begin to take action. Just the recognition will be enough to spark changes. It may be a gradual realisation or a sudden sparkling insight that you can build upon.

Hypnotherapy Help for Low Self Esteem

Hypnotherapy can help you to make the necessary changes in your life, it can help you to stop that inner negative chatter, to change that bottom line and feel much more positive about yourself. It can help you gain a more accurate assessment of yourself and an acceptance of yourself. It can help lift your self-esteem and thereby boost your self-confidence and guide you in ways in which you can help yourself. Whatever happens, you are going to begin to feel very much better about yourself and day by day you will make small changes which will enhance your sense of well being and self esteem. Gradually you will find that you value and respect yourself and with that self-acceptance will come confidence. The confidence to formulate your own ideas and opinions and begin to make plans for your future.

Feel Confident

It is never too late to make a new start. Never too late to make changes. Never too late to become that person you want to be. Never too late to learn to value yourself – and accept yourself. Respecting yourself and boosting your feelings of self worth are the first step on the ladder. Once you have those in place you can begin to make other changes in your life. Recognising that you have the confidence and respect for yourself in order to change unwanted habits, or lose that excess weight. Recognising that you can write down your list of goals and begin to move forward with your life.

You will have the confidence to accept yourself, confidence to be yourself and confidence to enjoy your life. Confidence to take responsibility for yourself and achieve those things you truly want to achieve.

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Article Posted – 24th November 2009. Copyright Margaret Sinclair

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