Issues That Hypnotherapy May Help With

Hypnotherapy is offered by hypnotherapists in the UK and around the world. As more and more research is being carried out to discover what issues hypnotherapy may help with, the list of issues that hypnotherapy can help is getting bigger. In the UK the ASA (Advertsing Standards Authority) is now giving guidance about what, in their view, hypnotherapists can state on their websites, that hypnotherapy may help with. In compliance with ASA regulations the details below are provided for your information.

Issues helped by Hypnotherapy (as shown on CAP website)


The next list of issues, ASA/CAP regulations state that hypnotherapy can assist with as long as the idea of will-power is mentioned and effort required that play a role in successful outcomes.



There are medical conditions that ASA/CAP regulations state that hypnotherapy has not been proven to be able to assist with. These are listed below for your information. The list is not exhaustive. Also, where stress and anxiety is a part of any of these medical conditions, this may be an area that hypnotherapy can play a positive role in. It’s important that you should never self-diagnose and always seek the advice of your medical practitioner first.



Please note that hypnotherapy is not offered as a cure for anything. Where it can be helpful is in a complementary role to existing treatment. Your doctor’s approval may be sought by your hypnotherapist for any conditions prior to any sessions.

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