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Infertility Help Using Hypnotherapy

My name is Russell Davis and I want you to know I understand where you might be right now. My wife and I tried for 10 years to conceive and given you are reading this then I expect you may recognise the despair, pain, grief, anger, jealousy, false hopes and all the other emotions we experienced on our journey.  We did finally conceive naturally and have a wonderful son.  Having now become a Cognitive Hypnotherapist the one thing I wish I had made more use of is the power of the mind to improve our fertility. Looking back I can now see how my thoughts and feelings affected our progress.

Mind-body link

fertility helpAs you probably know, reproduction is one of the most delicate systems in our body.  Your mind can affect your ability to get pregnant on multiple levels.  The hypothalamus in your brain helps regulate hormone levels as well as impacting the pituitary and adrenal responses which produce and regulate the level of stress hormones in your body.  The pituitary regulates both how much of a hormone is made and how much is released in the body.  Changes to it’s response can have dramatic affect on the delicate cocktail of hormones necessary for ovulation, fertilisation, fallopian tube functioning and even successful implantation of the egg.


There is a wealth of research demonstrating the mind-body connection and how your mind can affect your body physically.  There is also a growing amount of research specifically on the positive affect hypnosis and mind-body programs can have on fertility.  A recent study lead by Alice Domar at Boston IVF studied 100 women undergoing IVF treatment. 52% of the women who completed the mind-body program for infertility were successful the IVF cycle compared to 20% of the control group.  This is a statistically significant difference. Another study of 185 woman by Professor Levitas of Soroka Hospital Israel found that 28% of the women who were hypnotised for the IVF treatment became pregnant, compared to 14% of the women in the control group.

How Hypnotherapy can help your Fertility

Hypnosis can help you whether trying to conceive naturally or undergoing  fertility treatment.  It can  help you let go of things such as negative beliefs, stress, despair or fear of not ever being fulfilled that could be holding you back from getting pregnant. You can also harness this mind-body link and actively guide your unconscious mind to what you want through visualisation. A study carried out by the Learner Institute in 2003 demonstrated this power of visualisation.  A group of volunteers visualised exercising their little finger over a period of 12 weeks and their muscle strength had improved by 35% and continued improving to 40% four weeks after the study and training had ended – without lifting a finger!  This is an example of how your mind can affect your body.  I often use it for healing myself and with my clients, particularly fertility clients.

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There is no denying infertility can be highly stressful. One study has demonstrated that the stress levels in infertile women are on par with women suffering from cancer, AIDS or heart disease.  No-one tells them just to relax and it’ll be all OK!  You can download your free relaxation hypnosis mp3 from along with an ebook where you can find out more about how hypnosis can help you.

Get Started with the Fertility Hypnosis Program

The Fertile Mind® fertility hypnosis programs use the latest hypnosis techniques in short, relaxing and enjoyable programs. There are separate programs for natural and assisted conception.  Do you want to start taking charge of your fertility? Go to and started.

“It helped me to gain perspective and to regain a feeling of calm when I felt my life was completely out of control.   It also helped me to start the next IVF cycle with a positive frame of mind that the cycle could actually work and gave me the strength to continue. During the IVF process which was completely out of my control, it helped me to feel that I was able to make a positive contribution to my treatment.  It helped me to remain calm and relaxed at very stressful times and also gave me a feeling of empowerment.” Sarah used The Fertile Mind® with her 4th IVF cycle which was successful.


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