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hypnosis kentHelen Craven MA(RCA)
TEL: 07930 323157

Helen has been working in the field of complementary therapies for over 16 years. She deals with a wide range of issues, from smoking cessation and stress management, to fears and phobias and issues of self confidence. She runs courses in self-hypnosis techniques and has specialist training in the highly acclaimed HypnoBirthing® programme.

Helen is now working with an advanced technique developed by Calvin Banyan (USA) and called 5-Path. It works to maximum good effect, neutralising any old limiting beliefs, emotions and habits that have caused a lack of success in a particular area of life. The client and hypnotherapist work as a team and each session is customised to most effectively address the issue of concern.

THERAPIES: Hypnotherapy, EFT
SPECIALISATIONS: Smoking, Stress Management, Confidence, Phobias, Motivation, HypnoBirthing®, TheWeight Less Mind©, Past Life Regression and Life Between Lives Integration.











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Hypnotic suggestion: opportunities for cognitive neuroscience

There are many myths and misconceptions about hypnosis. One of these is that hypnosis is a form of sleep. This myth hasn’t been helped by the fact that the word hypnosis was used from the Greek God of sleep called “Hypnos”. Oakley and Halligan state that there investigation of brain imaging does confirm the idea that hypnosis is a separate type of consciousness. Following the encouragement to enter a hypnotic state, referred to as an induction, there continues suggestions for the participant to attain “a focused and absorbed attentional state”. During this phase, participants registered reduced activity in parts of the brain’s default mode network together with increased activity in prefrontal attentional systems.

Oakley DA, and Halligan PW (2013). Hypnotic suggestion: opportunities for cognitive neuroscience. Nature Reviews Neuroscience, 14 (8), 565-76 PMID: 23860312


Deepening Sleep by Hypnotic Suggestion

“...Hypnotic suggestions might be a successful tool with a lower risk of adverse side effects than pharmacological treatments to extend SWS (Slow Wave Sleep) also in clinical and elderly populations.


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Hypnosis helps with Stress Management, Confidence, Phobias, Motivation, HypnoBirthing®, TheWeight Less Mind©,  Self-confidence, anxiety and worry, smoking

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