Hypnosis Gastric Band Surgery

Hypnosis Gastric Band Surgery
The mind is so complex and is one of the reasons why we are always finding out new abilities. It has been said that we only use 10-15% of our brain’s capacity. Whether that is true or not, it does highlight the fact that we have much to learn about our brain and the mind.

In the last few years a discovery that can add to our belief that we don’t fully realise the power of the mind is its use with a mental version of the gastric band surgery bypass. An article in a UK daily newspaper described a hypnotherapy client’s experience in Spain, and how successful this approach to weight-loss had worked. The client shown in the article successfully responded to a hypnosis-induced version of the gastric band surgery. Now more and more hypnotherapists are training to be able to offer their clients this service.

What does the real Gastric Band Surgery Bypass achieve?
The physical operation for this procedure requires a band to be placed around the upper part of the stomach. The band when filled, slows the transit of digested food into the stomach. By doing this, the brain receives a signal from the stomach saying that it is full and the person will stop eating.

A person who has the gastric band fitted loses weight by getting a feeling of being satisfied quicker than they would otherwise have felt. This in turn leads to them eating less and they lose weight as a consequence.

Hypnosis Gastric Band Surgery Bypass
Steven Harold, your London Hypnotherapist has attended training from Dr. Keith Hearne of the European College of Hypnotherapy. Typically 3 to 5 sessions of hypnosis are required. During these sessions, suggestions are provided that assist your imagination that you are having the gastric band surgery. Generally clients say  that they notice similar “full up” sensations that others who have had the surgery have experienced. They feel satiated earlier than usual, eat less and lose weight.

Intriguingly, the hypnosis version of gastric band surgery may be effective even though the person having is consciously aware that they have not gone through actual physical gastric band surgery.

Is this the Hypnosis Gastric Band right for ?
The hypnosis gastric band sessions are aimed at those who have stones rather than just pounds to lose. As a rough guide anyone with 2 or more stone of excess weight may consider this type of hypnotherapy approach.

It is important to mention that you have psychological causes for excess weight. Issues around guilt, low confidence, low esteem, abuse and others from past events may have led to someone having an unhealthy relationship with food. As a part of the perparation for the hypnosis gastric band, these aspects will be investigated.


Please Note. It’s crucial to be aware that weight loss occurs through two main actions, the reduction in food digested (plus eating healthier foods), and exercise. These two aspects are the main pillars of any hypnotherapy sessions for weight loss. The goal of these hypnotherapy sessions is to provide extra support in addition to what you are prepared to do to help your weight issue which includes your willpower. It’s important to seek the support of your doctor before making any sudden changes to your lifestyle.

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