How To Overcome Public Speaking Fears, Anxiety and Nerves with Hypnosis

Public Speaking Phobia
Speaking in front of an audience of 3 or more people is often considered to be one of the most anxiety provoking experiences by many people. In fact public speaking, as it is usually referred to is the most common phobia in the USA and UK.

Even SuccessFul Confident People Suffer
It is interesting to observe as a hypnotherapist that anyone can suffer from public speaking nerves. I have helped numerous people from all walks of life to gain more confidence when the speak in front of a group. These people are no different from you or I. Outwardly they might appear confident but when it comes to speaking in front of others, their confidence seems to evaporate.

Intriguingly, the fear of giving a speech, lecture, talk or running a meeting or training workshop can be experienced by all ages and it doesn’t matter where you are on your career ladder. I have helped men and women who are at the top in their career, CEO’s chairmen and women, directors and entrepreneurs as well as those who are just starting out on their career.

Speaking Anxiety Symptoms
Often someone who suffers with anxiety at the thought of speaking to a group of people canl feel a sense of panic and they may find some way of avoiding giving the speech. This might be feigning illness or even changing jobs. Typically a person who is anxious when delivering a speech will have the following symtoms:-


  • Sweating of hands and armpits
  • Trembling voice
  • Loss of memory and drying up
  • Shaking hands and arms
  • Heart palpitations
  • An urge to run or flee the situation

    You Can’t Avoid Public Speaking Forever
    When you consider that all of us will have to speak in front of an audience at some time in our life, it is well worth seeking help if you haven’t been able to resolve this yourself. Remembering that even social events such as weddings requiring a best man’s speech, the grooms speech and father of the bride’s talk and you will realise that there is no escape from the occasions on which you will be asked or need to give that speech.

    Great News- You Can Get Over Your Nerves
    The wonderful news is that you are not alone. Many people have suffered from public speaking nerves, anxiety, panic and dread and have overcome their fears. You can do the same. In fact many people who attend hypnotherapy sessions for this issue report back saying that they now actually enjoy speaking in front of others. Indeed they can even get to the stage where they volunteer to give talks.

    Hypnotherapy Helps You Become a Confident Speaker
    Hypnotherapy helps people overcome their stage fright by encouraging them to use their mind in a positive rather than negative way. Most people with this fear imagine the worst thing that could happen to them during their speech and quite naturally it scares them. Hypnosis helps you to use your mind in a positive way. In other words you develop a mind of β€œcan do” rather than β€œcan’t or won’t do”. You actually reach a place where you see yourself succeeding in a confident and in control way.

    Take Action To Feel Better
    If you are fed up with dreading talking to groups, speaking in front of colleagues or new audiences, or have that best man’s speech coming up, don’t suffer any longer. Hypnotherapy can help you reduce your anxiety and stress, bringing about a wonderful feeling of calmness and as a natural result your confidence is given a boost.


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