How Hypnotherapy May Help depression

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How hypnotherapy can help you with your depression

There are many kinds of therapies that exist that offer different approaches to treating depression. These can range from medication via your GP, psychotherapy, counselling , CBT, psychiatry and hypnotherapy. We are all unique and respond to different intervention therapies in differing ways. Clinical or manic depression is at the end of the depression spectrum that should be treated by your medical professional. Hypnotherapy may be used in conjunction with your doctor’s support and is usually offered for anyone with mild or reactive depression.  I propose that there are at least three reasons for choosing hypnotherapy to help your depression:-

1)      Hypnotherapy helps explore the causes of your depression…

depression hypnosis londonHypnotherapy offers you the opportunity to explore, and discover maybe deep in your unconscious mind, the causes of your depression. This exploration alone can often be cathartic enabling you to take a view of yourself and your life from different perspective. All of us can experience challenging times that can test the limit of our resources. However not everyone reacts to the same situation, traumatic event, or challenging experience in exactly the same way and therefore not everyone would become depressed. Experiencing depression can therefore be about the way you view the world and the choices you make, although unconsciously, to react to certain events.

…and helps reframe the unconscious message

Your unconscious mind does a wonderfully job of trying to keep you safe… ordinarily. Sometimes your unconscious mind reacts in a way with the best of intentions in trying to make you feel safe but the reaction may be disabling.  With depression this disabling reaction might lead to feeling disheartened and lacking in motivation to do anything. Hypnosis helps you to find other ways of reacting to situations that are more likely to lead to better outcomes for you. For example if you don’t get the job you wanted and feel depressed, you might never apply for the next job. However if you view the job you didn’t get as something to be used as a springboard to keep applying, you may soon find a job that’s even better than the one you thought you wanted.


2)       With hypnotherapy you can see how depression works…

The second reason why you’d choose hypnotherapy is because you can help your body to re-establish the missing chemical balance. You can do this by building and visualizing your own mental model of how depression works at a physical level.

…and help your body re-establish its chemical balance

Once you’re happy with the model you created, you can then modify it for your scope. Hypnosis is again of great help here to let you work through your mental visualizations and bring about the necessary changes that will break the depression pattern in your model and in your reality too. The old model will therefore be replaced by a healthy one. Visualisation can be a great tool to help raise the serotonin levels giving a mental boost to anyone.

3) Hypnotherapy is effective in time…

The third reason to consider hypnotherapy as your intervention method for depression is because of its effectiveness in supporting your future ideas, goals and dreams. Whilst you can always make plans and projects, if your unconscious mind doesn’t accept your decisions you will stray and give them up at some point or another. How many times have  you made up your mind to get that better job, find that healthier relationship, or go down the gym, only to find your goals are short-lived. Hypnotherapy not only helps you to “liaise” with your unconscious mind, but you also have the potential to activate neurological patterns that will support your position actions and behaviours in the future.

… and can help you keep away from depression

A professional hypnotherapist, in the meantime, will have taught you a series of techniques that you can take with you. These techniques are aimed at keeping you away from relapses, enhancing positive thoughts and constructive actions that will enable you to stay on the serene and happy path. A professional hypnotherapist aims to make you more resourceful and empowered.


Hypnotherapy and Depression

As an experienced hypnotherapist I enjoy helping people who have depression to make positive changes to their perspective, outlook and lives.

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