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Driving Phobia Getting You Nowhere?

A driving phobia can develop in anyone. It doesn’t matter whether you are a learner, novice or experienced driver, we can all develop anxiety associated with some aspect of a journey when we drive. In fact it’s true that any of us could develop a phobia associated anything. In this example we will be focusing on a driving phobia.

Most phobias have a specific names such as arachnophobia for a fear of spiders. with a driving phobia there can be different names relating to the specifics of the phobia responce. Here are a list of phobia names and a description that suggest a link to driving phobias:-

  • Amaxophobia- Fear of travelling in a car / lorry / bus etc
  • Dystychiphobia- Fear of accidents
  • Hodophobia- Fear of travelling by road
  • Motorphobia- Fear of cars
  • Ochophobia- Fear of vehicles
  • Tachophobia- Fear of speed
  • Traumatophobia- Fear of injury


What is a Driving Phobia?

driving phobiaA driving phobia is when someone experiences anxiety, panic or fears either whilst driving or in anticipation of some aspect of driving. As with any phobia different aspects of the experience affects people in different ways. You may find that you dread driving over small country-side bridges but are okay with motorway flyovers (or vice versa). You may fear driving over 50 mph on a motorway and have to stay in the inside lane.

Here are some driving phobia aspects that people have suffered with:-

1) Overtaking or being overtaken by a truck, lorry, juggernaut

2) Coping with roundabouts or a specific roundabout

3) Going through tunnels

4) Having  a passenger or driving solo

5) Driving up or down hills

6) Being first at traffic lights and feeling under pressure when they go green

7) City traffic when cars seem to come from all angles

8) Busy junctions

9) Bridges, flyovers

10) Lack of a hard-shoulder, lay-by or services on a motorway

11) Feeling stuck when a traffic jam occurs

12) Road rage from other drivers


How Do You Get a Phobia of Driving ?

Sometimes the cause of driving phobias is clear cut.

Mary had a car accident 5 years ago. She had some minor injuries but has recovered and has been driving since this experience and has been fine. Then 4 months ago she had a near-miss. An accident almost happened and she experienced a panic attack. Now when she drives she is fearful of having an accident and particularly when approaching a roundabout where the near-miss occurred. Driving is something she will avoid doing if she can.

It’s interesting that it wasn’t the accident itself that led to a phobic reaction to driving. Mary’s phobia only happened after the near-miss but clearly the accident and the near-miss of contributed to the driving phobia.

With other people’s driving phobia the cause may not be as clear-cut as in Mary’s case. Sometimes the cause can be something that seems unconnected like a relationship issue or security issue that manifests itself as a phobia of driving. We are all different and events that lead to a phobia in one person will leave another person unaffected.


Hypnosis, NLP, EFT Helps Overcome Driving Phobia

One of the fastest methods for releasing and resolving phobias is hypnotherapy  (Kraft & Kraft 2004). Having said that hypnotherapist’s often use a combination of hypnosis, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) to help someone overcome their driving phobia. Steven Harold an experienced London hypnotherapist has seen many people over the years and helped them resolve their driving phobia.

You may be surprised to know that a driving phobia can affect anyone and even those people whose career involves a lot of driving. Steven had helped police officers, fire truck drivers, ambulance, truck, lorry and juggernaut drivers as well as those that drive buses and coaches. You are not the first person to have a fear of some aspect of driving and like others you can get over it and drive confidently again.

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Research: Kraft, T., & Kraft, D. (2004). Creating a virtual reality in hypnosis: A case of driving phobia. Contemporary Hypnosis, 21, 79–85.

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