Freedom from Anxieties, Fears and Phobias

Releasing bottled up emotions removes the fuel for
fears, phobias, anxieties & more

As a Hypnotherapist what sort of problems do I see the most?
The most common problems people consult me for are anxiety related symptoms such as panic attacks, depression, sexual problems, irrational thoughts and severe phobias. Some people can remember having their problem their whole life; other people have only noticed their severity in the last few years.

anxiety hypnotherapy I view people’s symptoms as inner anxieties projected outwards. The anxieties within someone must have an escape route so the anxieties project outwardly in the form of fears, panic attacks and the like. For the people who have not always been aware of their problems, I explain that their anxieties have always been there, bubbling under the surface – often this bubbling lava erupts into a volcano when life is particularly stressful i.e. home life/career is demanding. This “external” pressure on a person’s psyche often means that they can no longer keep a lid on what has been going on inside of them often for a very long time and therefore they notice the full force of their symptoms.

However long a client has been suffering, one thing is sure, their symptoms are inside themselves but absolutely out of their control!

How do I help people?
I use a technique called Pure Hypno-analysis which proves very successful in allowing people to resolve the root causes of their problem, relieving them from their symptoms forever. This type of therapy is one of the best methods available for treating issues which are psychological, emotional and anxiety related.

What is so special about Pure Hypno-Analysis?
Being in the pleasant relaxed state of hypnosis helps to dramatically speed up the therapeutic process, I gain faster rapport and trust with my clients, they can often connect to their emotions more easily and as they have their eyes closed they are not being eyeballed by me meaning they feel less in the spotlight. I have a very non-judgemental approach so the relationship between me and my clients is a truly unique one. How many people can you speak to honestly and candidly about ANYTHING and EVERYTHING and not expect to receive criticism or negative feedback from?

A therapy which is client-led
In many other types of therapy you may be lead by what the therapist thinks is important, surely biased by their own life patterns? No matter how much experience I have I realise I cannot always be right about everything – I do not know that what I’m trying to get my client to feel is correct. Some clients themselves sometimes think they have many of the answers to their problems. Surely if they truly knew they would have dealt with these things themselves? That is where this therapy can find the missing answers.

With Pure-Hypno Analysis the client takes the lead – or at least their subconscious does. The conscious mind works on problem solving, daily decision making and rational thinking. The subconscious works on auto pilot 24/7, keeping our heart beating, our lungs breathing, it produces our imagination and stores anything that we have ever experienced or learned. It is also the “feeling” part of our mind where our emotions are and some of these experiences and/or emotions can get “stuck”. These bottled up emotions are the fuel for people’s symptoms. By re-discovering what has been pushed to the backs of our minds they can be dealt with properly, as an adult, seeing them for what they really were – a catharsis takes place and once the bubbles are popped (people release these “stuck” emotions) the fuel has gone and the psyche doesn’t need to project that inner anxiety outwards anymore – so the symptom dissipates.

Clients are not pushed into corners unnecessarily by myself – their subconscious will come up with the answers without the client having to consciously think about what it could be – thus making Pure Hypno-Analysis effective but safe. On average is takes 8 to 10 sessions (at weekly intervals) for all these bubbles to be popped – in the scale of life not long at all!

Benefits of Hypno-analysis

  • Removing your anxiety-related symptoms forever
  • Feeling calmer, more relaxed and more confident
  • Feeling more in control of your life and more able to cope with stressful situations
  • Becoming more emotionally stable
  • Your feeling of positivity, freedom and control will be life changing.

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