Eye Reflex Problem and Hypnosis

The body has so many automatic processes and normally we are content to let these continue to be automatic. However, a young client came to see me recently who needed to control his blink reflex.

We blink our eyelids without thinking about it, either to keep the surface of the eye moist and clean, or to prevent something from going into the eye. The client needed to wear special contact lenses at night in order to change the shape of his corneas, thereby improving his eyesight and avoiding the need for glasses. Soon he would be too old to go through this procedure.

He really wanted to do it but he was having difficulty putting the lenses in each eye due to his blink reflex.

Treatment involved relaxation and motivation, master control room imagery, and dialogue with the part that wants to protect the eye, together with a specially made CD designed to take the client into a very relaxed state immediately before insertion of the contact lenses.

It is no longer a problem and he can now manage without glasses.

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Patrick Browning, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Kensington London
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Article Posted – 3rd March 2010
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