How Effective is Hypnosis for Cancer?

Hypnosis Cancer

Could Hypnosis Help You with Cancer?

If you have been diagnosed with cancer you know the difficult reaction to hearing that word, β€œCancer”. Even if you have a very treatable form of cancer, your body will often respond in panic. You are likely to feel an increasing heart-beat as your breathing becomes more rapid. Adrenaline is pumped into your blood stream by your mind’s instant, fight or flight reaction. Of course you may be someone who go into a state of shock when cancer is mentioned and feel numb.


effective hypnosis cancerClearly the effect of the diagnosis is to worry you, make you anxious, stress you and probably as a result, affect your day-to-day decisions. Being able to sleep maybe troblesome . It has been known for some time that the body heals more effectively when it is relaxed and at rest. If the body is tense and the mind stressed it is likely to have a detrimental effect on the healing process. Indeed the body’s immune system may be impaired by higher stress levels.


Effective Hypnosis Cancer Relationship

So it makes sense that after your cancer diagnosis if you can reduce your stress and manage your anxiety, that you give yourself the best chance of fighting the cancer. Hypnosis can play an important role in helping someone with cancer to feel more relaxed, mentally and physically. Hypnosis is not a cure for cancer or a substitute for medical treatment but can play and highly supportive role along side of cancer treatments.


These Cancer Research Studies Prove Hypnosis Helps Cancer Patients :-

Brief pre-surgery hypnosis reduces distress and pain in excisional breast biopsy patients.

Montgomery et al(1) also monitored breast biopsy patients who were randomly selected to receive either hypnosis or standard care. Those patients who were treated with hypnosis had statistically significantly less post-procedure pain than standard care patients. Interestingly they also seem to be more satisfied with their overall medical treatment experience and reported less distress pre- and post-biopsy.
Conclusion: Hypnosis reduced postsurgery pain and distress.


Self hypnotic relaxation for outpatient medical procedures: a prospective randomized trial with women undergoing large core breast biopsy.

Lang et al(2) observed 200+ women who were undergoing breast biopsies. Those patients who used hypnosis reported reduced and lower levels of anxiety and pain during their biopsy compared to patients who didn’t receive hypnosis.
Conclusion: While both structured empathy and hypnosis decrease procedural pain and anxiety, hypnosis provides more powerful anxiety relief.


Hypnosis decreases presurgical distress in excisional breast biopsy patients

Schnur et al(3) analysed the efficacy of hypnosis for controlling anxiety before patients were to undergo al breast biopsy. Almost 100 patients who were to have a breast biopsy where the entire area is removed were randomly directed to either a pre-biopsy hypnosis group or to a pre-biopsy standard care control group. Results from the research highlighted that patients in receiving hypnosis had significantly less pre-biopsy emotional distress, depression, and anxiety. Hypnosis patients were also significantly more relaxed.
Conclusion: Brief pre-surgery hypnosis can be an effective means of controlling presurgical distress in women awaiting diagnostic breast cancer surgery.


Learn Self Hypnosis for Cancer Support

As you can see from the above research studies, learning self hypnosis can help you to relax and de-stress. This is an extra effective form of support for you during a difficult time. Feeling calmer and more relaxed before, during and after cancer treatments can help your coping ability.

Hypnosis is a natural state of relaxation and everyone has experienced it before. Daydreaming is an example of being in a natural hypnotic state. As a hypnotherapist I have helped thousands of people to relax and use self hypnosis. Self hypnosis helps reduce their stress and feel more in control. One session of hypnotherapy is usually enough to learn self hypnosis. I can also show you how to increase the power of your self-hypnosis for your particular cancer.

Hypnotherapist CancerAuthor’s Details

by Steven Harold BA(Hons) DCH DHPΒ  Hypnotherapist in Heanor, Derbyshire




(1) Montgomery GH, Weltz CR, Seltz G, Bovbjerg DH. Brief pre-surgery hypnosis reduces distress and pain in excisional breast biopsy patients. Int J Clin Exp Hypn. 2002;50(1):17–32.

(2) Β Lang EV, Berbaum KS, Faintuch S, et al. Adjunctive self-hypnotic relaxation for outpatient medical procedures: A prospective randomized trial with women undergoing large core breast biopsy. Pain. 2006;126:155–164.

(3) Schnur JB, Bovbjerg DH, David D, et al. Hypnosis decreases presurgical distress in excisional breast biopsy patients. Anesth Analg. 2008;106(2):440–4. table.

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