Driving Test Hypnotherapy

The Yorshire Evening Post has just published an article about how new learner drivers can be helped to overcomer their driving nerves.

Innovative driving instructor Javez Khan has incorporated hypnotherapy techniques along with his driving instruction classes to help his nervous pupils feel more calm and relaxed when they take their driving exam.

Javez who offers his driving instruction and hypnotherapy sessions around Bradford, West Yorkshire, claims that 8 out 0 10 nervous drivers have been helped to pass their tests. In fact his driving school deliberately targets nervous learner drivers.


D0 you suffer from driving test nerves too? Maybe you have passed your driving test years ago but still get overly anxious or fearful on motorways or bridges or tunnels. If you would like help to feel calmer and more confident, contact one of our local hypnotherapists by using the county menu on the right-hand side.

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