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I’m Claustrophobic – Get me out of here!

Claustrophobia Hypnotherapy. It’s an Effective Solution


Claustrophobia, or fear of confined spaces, is a surprisingly common fear, with NHS estimates putting it as high as 10% of the British population.  Within that 10%, there will be those who are able to manage their fear, usually because they are embarrassed about revealing it to friends or work colleagues.


Claustrophobia hypnotherapy
Claustrophobia Hypnotherapy Somerset – Help for Fear of enclosed spaces

For others, the fear can become so great that it makes them think carefully before venturing into situations where they may freak out and, in their eyes, make a fool of themselves.  Lifts are a major problem and definitely to be avoided, but those who know they are claustrophobic may suffer in many other ways, such as windowless rooms, buses or tubes, crowded events, even tight necklines or pulling clothes over their head.

For some people, the initial fear can turn to panic, and may induce nausea, vomiting, fainting or full-blown panic attacks.  Logically, they know that the thoughts churning around in their head are totally irrational, but they have no control over them and will do anything they can to get away from the perceived cause of their fear.

Heart and pulse racing, adrenalin pumping around their body, they will seek escape by any means.  Once they feel safe and calm again, they feel foolish and embarrassed, then angry for having let the fear get out of control.

Most people are bewildered as to why they suffer in this way.  Some will remember a specific event, but many have no recollection of how and when their fear of small spaces began.  Having worked with many claustrophobic clients over the years, I never cease to be surprised when we identify the root cause – and of course neutralise it.


Claustrophobia Causes Revealed in Hypnotherapy

The clients I have helped with Claustrophobia have recalled being shut in cupboards by mischievous friends; being unable to unlock a loo door; waking in the night to discover they are under the bedclothes and thinking they can’t breathe; being in a broken down lift with a panicking adult when they were young, and even being stuck in the birth canal whilst journeying into the world.

However minor or groundless the fear, it is then stored permanently in your infinite subconscious mind and will grow over the years to many times its original size, as the subconscious is always on the lookout for a match to the stored information.

Every subsequent event that it regards as being in any way similar to the original one, will be stored in the same storage folder, until that folder becomes so stuffed, that it begins to burst open.  At that point, you are more than likely going to suffer panic symptoms the next time you find yourself in a confined situation.


Need Help? Claustrophobia Hypnotherapy.

If you are someone who suffers from any form of claustrophobia, you can be assured that there is actually nothing wrong with you, and with the help of an experienced hypnotherapist, (Somerset based and hypnosis sessions via Skype) you can be totally free to go through your life without having to avoid places or situations where you might – in the past – have lost control.

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