Chronic Pain and Smoking

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It is widely accepted that smoking will create chemical changes in the body and seriously affect the way it functions physiologically. Not only is a smoker combusting thousands of chemicals and tobacco in the most sensitive part of the body – the mouth, but they are introducing nicotine into the blood stream These chemicals are going to put smokers at a much higher risk of heart disease, cancers, and lung diseases. pain control smokingIt has recently been discovered that smoking is a definite risk factor for chronic pain. There is now evidence that smokers will usually have higher rates of chronic pain and that their pain will be much more intense than that of a non-smoker. Many smokers use cigarettes as a crutch or a way of breaking a state. They think it will distract them from thoughts or feelings. Gives them a break or helps relieve pain. Interestingly nicotine has analgesic properties and smoking a cigarette may seem to dull or numb the pain initially. However, the average smoker will generally suffer much higher levels of pain than a non smokers. The nicotine will set the nerves on edge. Rather like drinking copious cups of coffee the smoker will be generally more nervy – on edge. Clinical studies at the Mayo Clinic showed that smokers find they have great pain intensity.and functional impairment. It is very likely that a smoker with pain will miss more days off work , have poorer quality sleep, more anxiety and depression, and likely to suffer more pain and stiffness than a non smoker. A problem that can occur for a pain sufferer trying to give up or cut down on smoking is that they might find they have a heightened awareness of pain due to the nicotine withdrawal Initially it may even encourage them to smoke more to alleviate the symptoms. Hypnotherapy can be very powerful in both helping a person feel calmer and relaxed and teaching them how to manage pain as well as the powerful ability to help them stop smoking. The benefits of hypnotherapy are many fold. _____________________________________________________________________

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