Claustrophobia Help Hypnotherapy Somerset

I’m Claustrophobic – Get me out of here! Claustrophobia Hypnotherapy. It’s an Effective Solution   Claustrophobia, or fear of confined spaces, is a surprisingly common fear, with NHS estimates putting it as high as 10% of the British population.  Within that 10%, there will be those who are able to manage their fear, usually because they are embarrassed about revealing it to friends or work colleagues.   For others, the fear can become so great that it makes them think carefully before venturing into situations where they may freak out…

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Help for a Driving Phobia

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Driving Phobia Getting You Nowhere? A driving phobia can develop in anyone. It doesn’t matter whether you are a learner, novice or experienced driver, we can all develop anxiety associated with some aspect of a journey when we drive. In fact it’s true that any of us could develop a phobia associated anything. In this example we will be focusing on a driving phobia. Most phobias have a specific names such as arachnophobia for a fear of spiders. with a driving phobia there can be different names relating to the specifics of…

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Help for Underground Trains – Tube Trains Phobias

  Underground Trains – Tube Trains Phobias   There are so many differing phobias that it would be impossible to list all of them. In fact each and every day people can develop a phobia about almost anything.  Anyone can have a phobia and for the most part that phobia will only occasionally affect their life. In fact many people with a phobia will, by the time they reached adulthood have developed a way of coping or avoiding the trigger of that phobia. There are some phobias though that are…

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Phobias of Dogs, Cats and Other Animals – Hypnotherapy Helps

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Fears and phobias of domestic animals or common animals are very common. Phobias of dogs, cats, mice, spiders, birds and more can be helped with hypnotherapy. Avoidance of the cause of a fear, such as a dog, does not help reduce or elminate the fear or phobia. Hypnosis can help change how you perceive dogs, cats, mice, birds etc.

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Freedom from Anxieties, Fears and Phobias

Releasing bottled up emotions removes the fuel for fears, phobias, anxieties & more As a Hypnotherapist what sort of problems do I see the most? The most common problems people consult me for are anxiety related symptoms such as panic attacks, depression, sexual problems, irrational thoughts and severe phobias. Some people can remember having their problem their whole life; other people have only noticed their severity in the last few years. I view people’s symptoms as inner anxieties projected outwards. The anxieties within someone must have an escape route so…

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