5-Path® Hypnotherapy can Transform Your Life!

Imagine being the recipient of one of the world’s most modern, advanced and powerful forms of hypnotherapy…. A systematic, almost universal approach that not only helps you to resolve and overcome your problems, but teaches you how, when and why your problem started in the first place, and by doing so, allows you to deal with whatever comes up in the future.

Does such a system truly exist? The answer is a resounding YES!

5-PATH® (the shortform for 5-Phase Advanced Transformational Hypnotherapy) was developed by one of the world’s leading Master Hypnotists and Trainers, Calvin Banyan. Based at The Banyan Hypnosis Center in California, Cal Banyan has spent much of his time in recent years teaching 5-PATH to experienced Hypnotherapists throughout the USA and other parts of the world, including the Far East. Until recently, this remarkable form of therapy was only available to those students willing to travel to the USA or Singapore, so there were only a very small number of Hypnotherapists in the UK and Europe qualified to use this approach with their clients.

Clients fortunate enough to have found one of these therapists have been so delighted and astonished with the changes they have made in their lives as a result, that they have been spreading the word, and consequently those few certified 5-PATH® Hypnotherapists have been overwhelmed with work. As the demand from Clients increased, so it became apparent to Cal Banyan that it was time to bring his skills and talents over to this side of the Atlantic, and in April 2007 he conducted the first-ever UK 5-PATH® training in London, resulting in an increased number of Hypnotherapists in the UK certified in this exciting and successful approach. Here are just a few of their comments (reproduced with their permission)…

“The 5 & 7th Path course has been transformational both professionally & personally. 5-PATH has been a quantum leap in therapeutic possibilities.”

“Get on the Path! If you want to be a highly effective hypnotherapist, then Cal’s Week of Power is probably the most important course you ever attend. By adding 7th Path to 5-PATH, Cal has created a program where not only do you learn the tools to change others, but by the end of the training you have changed yourself. It’s 10 times more powerful than anything else that’s out there!”

“I recommend this course to anybody willing to improve themselves mentally, physically and emotionally – and to anyone willing to help others improve mentally, physically and emotionally.”

“This is the best course I’ve done to advance my knowledge in hypnotherapy and advance my personal growth from a self development perspective. I would highly recommend both 5-PATH and 7th Path for a better life.”

“I have been a Clinical Hypnotherapist for 12 years and enjoy being in this profession tremendously. However, the busier I have become, the more frazzled I have become juggling my practice and family life. After this week, I am going to empty a huge section of my book shelf and put those books into storage. 5-PATH encapsulates all the depth and the wisdom that I now need to serve my clients to the standard that I have always aspired to.”

How does 5-PATH® work and why can it be more successful than the traditional approach?

5-PATH® is based on the premise that every problem we have, whether emotional or physical, has a root cause. Let’s use the analogy of weeds growing in a beautiful garden, choking the potentially beautiful flowers and plants and preventing them from thriving and growing. You can cut them off above the ground and hope they will go away, but they will quickly spring up again. You can dig down into the soil a few inches and remove some roots, and the flowers above the ground will briefly recover, but the recovery will be only temporary, as the network of roots continues to spread. The only way to totally remove those weeds is to dig down deep into the earth and remove all of the roots, and by doing so, the weeds above the ground will be unable to survive, and will naturally disappear.

5-PATH® differs from more traditional forms of hypnotherapy because it goes one stage further! Not only do 5-Pathers help their Clients to find the roots of their problem, but they also look for the seed or seeds that were originally implanted and remove these too! By doing this, they ensure that those choking weeds can never start to grow again.

Clients who have experienced 5-PATH® have been astonished by the results and the changes they have made in their lives.

What problems can be resolved and overcome with 5-PATH® Hypnotherapy?

Surprisingly, there are very few issues that 5-PATH® cannot help! Working on the assumption that any problem we have has an emotional root, because of the very strong and powerful mind-body connection, then almost any issue you enquire about will elicit the response ‘I can certainly help you’ from a trained and certified 5-Pather. Exceptions are serious mental problems such as schizophrenia, multiple personality disorders and other psychoses. Most 5-Pathers will have received additional specialist training for any number of issues, and some will specialise in specific areas or disorders.

How many sessions can I expect, and how often should I have them?

It is of course impossible to give any guarantees for success, as 5-PATH® is a system of hypnotherapy which requires the full involvement and commitment of the client. Every person is unique, and the sessions are tailored to suit your particular needs. However, on average, the certified 5-PATH® Hypnotherapist would suggest a course of 6 sessions. It is important to note that 5-PATH® is a systematic approach so certified therapists will not agree to doing less than the full course, for the simple reason that they know the results would only be temporary.

Sessions are normally scheduled 3-10 days apart, and may well last for longer than the traditional 60 minutes. Many people opt to see their therapist on a weekly basis, but can also choose to have extended sessions or to have them 2-3 times weekly.

What can I expect to achieve if I do a course of 5-PATH® Hypnotherapy?

You can achieve whatever it is that you want to achieve, and more. In addition to you having the opportunity to resolve your personal issue, you will also feel stronger, more capable, much more confident and completely in control of your life. You will also have increased energy, your personal relationships will improve, and you will be much more focused. Add to that greater feelings of safety and security, and a mind that will be calmer and clearer, so you will be able to make decisions that are the right ones for you.

Niki Cassar DCH DHP MAPHP (ACC) Charter Member of 5-PATH® Association. Certified Teacher of 7th Path Self-Hypnosis
Horsington, Somerset (close to Glastonbury, Yeovil, Poole, Salisbury
Email: mail@nikicassar.com
Website: http://www.nikicassar.com

Article Posted – 11th June 2007. Copyright Niki Cassar



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